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Child support in New Jersey is based upon the public policy that all children have the right to financial support from both of their parents, regardless of marital status or living situation.  While most parents agree to this general principle, they often disagree on the amount of child support that should be paid or when the obligation should end.  At The Law Office of Jill Jedrusiak, LLC, we can help explain the New Jersey child support laws to you and help protect your rights in a child support matter.


Courts in New Jersey order child support based on the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines contained in Court Rule 5:6A and Appendix IX.  Although there are exceptions, the obligor (the one ordered to make the child support payment) is usually the parent of alternate residence, and the obligee (the one who receives the child support payment) is usually the parent of primary residence.   The Child Support Guidelines consider a variety of factors when calculating a child support amount, such as income, custody, and age and number of children.  At the Law Office of Jill Jedrusiak, LLC, we have experience utilizing these child support guidelines and Toms River child support lawyer Jill Jedrusiak will take the time to sit down with you to explain them.  


Ms. Jedrusiak can also advise whether the child support guidelines apply to your specific case and she can walk you through the extraordinary expenses that are not included in the guidelines so you can also include those in child support discussions and negotiations.  


Are You Looking To Modify A Previous Child Support Order?  

If you have experienced a "change of circumstances," such as significant changes in income or increases in your child's needs, that are expected to continue, you may apply to the court for a modification of your current child support order.  A judge will then review the case and determine whether a modification is warranted.  Attorney Jill Jedrusiak is here to help you through the process of seeking a child support modification.  Contact The Law Office of Jill Jedrusiak, LLC today to discuss your child support case.  




Whether you are looking to establish an initial child support order in connection with a divorce or paternity suit,  or you are looking to modify or enforce a previous child support award,  Toms River child support lawyer Jill Jedrusiak can help.  Contact The Law Office of Jill Jedrusiak, LLC today to arrange a free initial consultation.  



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