Month: April 2017

Equitable Distribution of Pensions

Equitable Distribution of Pensions in New Jersey   At the time of divorce, all marital assets and debts are equitably distributed, including retirement benefits that were earned during the course of the marriage.  In today’s society, retirement benefits are usually one of the most valuable assets a couple has and an important part of the Read More …

Need an Increase in Child Support?

Many people wonder if they are able to receive an increase in child support after a court order is entered.  The general rule is that you may apply to the court for an increase in child support any time you experience a change in circumstances.

Cohabitation Agreement

In today’s society, more and more men and women are deciding to live together without being married, often referred to as cohabitation.  As a result, the importance of having a cohabitation agreement is worth discussing.  In many cases, an unmarried couple acquires property together, invests together, and mixes assets to make joint purchases.  In other cases, Read More …